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Ukraine President breaks into Billboard chart



The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has made his debut on the Billboard’s charts.

His appearance on the Billboard charts followed his spotlight on Brad Paisley’s most recent track, ‘Same Here’ which became an immediate hit after it gathered  more than 5000 downloads between February and March.

The track Paisley’s co-written was initially released on Universal Music Group, Nashville’s EMI Nashville Records.

It also makes it into the all genre Digital Song Sales for the year.

The song features a spoken section from the Ukrainian leader, and the earnings of the song benefits United24, a charitable program to restore Ukrainian homes destroyed during the ongoing Russian invasion (which began February 24th, 2022, a year to the day before the song’s release).

Paisley told Billboard, “The label [was] so great about it, realizing this isn’t going to be the feel-good hit of the year and this isn’t going to be something that’s going to work long-term at radio, [that it’s] not going to research,”,

He noted that there will not be a radio edit without Zelensky. “I thought, ‘Would President Zelensky like to have the last couple of minutes and have a discussion with me on the ways we’re the same?’ This needs to exist in whatever form we can present it.”

Former Presidents  Ronald Reagan, Obama, John Kennedy had once featured on Billboard charts.

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