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AATF explains appointment of former President Jonathan as ambassador 



Over the weekend, the  African Agricultural Technology Foundation(AATF), gave an explanation on why former President Goodluck Jonathan was appointed ‘Africa Ambassador for Agricultural Technology’. 

The foundation said his appointment was based on the indelible agricultural initiatives he reeled out to take Nigeria’s agricultural sector to an enviable height with various policies, programmes and projects during his tenure as president. 

Speaking in an interactive session with agric correspondents in Abuja, the Executive Director, Dr Canisius Kanangire, made this known, and said there is still a lot to do for biotechnology to be embraced in the continent.

Kanangire said Jonathan has all it takes to become a motivator to other African countries to embrace agricultural technologies that would change the narrative.

He said: “His Excellency, Goodluck Jonathan, one of the areas where he brought innovative ideas was agriculture, with his Agricultural Transformation Initiative of Nigeria, and he made success.

“And today when I look at how Dr. Akinwumi Adesina talks and knowing that he was his Minister of Agriculture, I cannot help but feel proud of that initiative, and that is why when we are selecting people to help us do something, among the names that I put on the list and started discussing with some of the board members, was the name of Jonathan Goodluck.

“So what we expect of him is that he (Jonathan) brings this voice of ours, we and yours to the highest level. Where our limit does not allow us to reach he can open the door of his peer, current Presidents of different countries in Africa, and tell them ‘I believe this is the way we can change our nations on the African continent’.

“He can talk to our various ministers; ‘You are doing policies but I tried this and I know if it can work if you don’t do this I don’t know if you will reach the result that you expect’.

“So he will talk as a high level ambassador who will talk as one who has tried his ammunition on transforming one of the biggest countries on the continent. He will talk as one who is also a scientist in this area.

“We believe that his interventions will bring our voice very high and convince many of the changes that we need and it will be an opportunity also to scale up his initiatives on the Nigeria to the whole continent, and contribute to the agricultural transformation initiative of Sub Saharan Africa, in particular, and the whole of Africa in general.”

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