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Acropolis Golf Course welcomes new partners



Acropolis Golf Course

The Acropolis Gardens and Residences Golf Course, a new facility in Okija, Anambra State, is rapidly gaining traction by attracting key partners to support its mission of promoting golf in Nigeria.

Nonso Osanakpo, Business Development Manager of Kates Associates Industries Limited sees a strong synergy between their organisation and the golf course.

“As more people take up golf due to fantastic facilities like this one,” Osanakpo explained, “the need for personal care products will naturally increase. This project aligns perfectly with our company’s goals for the past five decades. While we offer a variety of products, we believe Doobai perfume and roll-on particularly complement the golfing experience we’re cultivating in Anambra and across the country.”

Growing support 

Obioma Ogakwu, Acting Facility Manager at Acropolis, expressed her enthusiasm for the growing support network. 
“The response has been incredibly positive. Since the April 6th commissioning in Okija, numerous organisations have come on board, including the Professional Golfers’ Association of Nigeria (PGA), the Nigeria Golf Federation, and other prominent figures in the Nigerian golf industry.”

Ogakwu highlighted the crucial role of sponsors in propelling the project forward. “Nestoil served as the launch sponsor, while Doobai and Tecon Oil provided significant additional support. This kind of backing is instrumental in achieving our vision for Anambra and Nigeria as a whole.”

Looking ahead, Ogakwu revealed plans to host golfing events at the Acropolis Gardens and Residences Golf Course, with the inaugural major event on the horizon.  “We’re committed to maintaining the high standards that have earned us such recognition and support,” she concluded. “Our team is actively collaborating with top professionals to ensure we offer the best possible golfing experience.”

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