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Annie Idibia opens up on effect of her marriage scandals on her 



Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia, has opened up on her distressing experience with the numerous scandals surrounding her family in recent years. 

She revealed that the various scandals with her family have taken a heavy toll on her, leading to her going through emotional abuse and ridicule.

Annie has been at the centre of her husband, Innocent Idibia’s, popularly known as 2Baba, cheating scandals and alleged involvement with his ex-partner, Pero Adeniyi.

Annie has frequently expressed her frustrations on social media, venting about her troubled marriage due to her husband’s suspected infidelity and her perception of his family’s lack of support.

However, during the second season of the Young, Famous & African reality show, Annie conveyed that the scandals surrounding her have garnered attention because people are drawn to negative news about her and her husband.

She remarked, “People are inclined to believe the worst stories. They think they’re targeting Annie, they believe it’s Innocent. They approach me and say, ‘You are a disgrace to women.’ People…people can be heartless.”

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