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Biden arrives at Israel to show support 



On Wednesday, US President, Joe Biden, arrived at Israel on a solidarity visit following Hamas attacks. 

His arrival was under the shadow of a deadly blast at a Gaza hospital that has inflamed regional tensions.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, personally received Biden on the tarmac, putting his arms around the US president who then clasped his hands around Netanyahu in a sign of the newfound bond between the two leaders.

Under unusually tight security even for the US president, Biden and Netanyahu chatted briefly on the tarmac at Ben Gurion Airport surrounded by their guards before their motorcades set off for a Tel Aviv hotel where they will hold talks.

Hundreds of armed police and troops were stationed around the seafront Tel Aviv hotel where Netanyahu and Biden will meet, with armed snipers on the roofs of nearby villas.

Tel Aviv is just 65 kilometers (40 miles) from the Gaza Strip, the Hamas-ruled territory that Israel has been pounding since a devastating October 7th attack by Hamas militants.

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