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Daring the Heights: Jaan Roose’s Epic Highline Spectacle Dazzles Lagos



Jaan Roose

On a seemingly ordinary day in Lagos, Nigeria, the city’s gaze was drawn skyward as Jaan Roose, Red Bull’s high-flying Estonian slackliner, transformed the cityscape into his personal playground.

Renowned for his gravity-defying feats worldwide, Roose added another chapter to his adventurous repertoire with the ‘Perfect Lagos Selfie’ slackline project, marking the first jaw-dropping sports event of its kind in Nigeria.

Soaring Above the City’s Hustle and Bustle

In a breathtaking display that left onlookers spellbound, Roose, a three-time Slackline World Champion, traversed a highline stretched from the Sterling Bank Headquarters in Marina to the Onome oil rig, an awe-inspiring feat at a staggering 350 meters in length and 60 meters in height, skimming the clouds above the newly commissioned Blue Line Rail.

This daring act captured Lagos’s skyline in all its splendour and showcased Roose’s unparalleled skill and flair for the extraordinary.

Jaan Roose
Jaan Roose

A Sky-High Selfie Like No Other

The ‘Perfect Lagos Selfie’ was more than just a walk in the clouds; it was a spectacle, a daring dance with the winds, and a playful nod to the city below. Following his record-breaking walks in Kenya’s Samburu County and Qatar’s Katara Towers, Roose’s Lagos leap was a mesmerizing blend of artistry and audacity, a testament to the extraordinary feats that can be achieved when human potential and perseverance converge.

Did You Miss the Sky Show?

For those who missed the opportunity to witness this daring spectacle live, fear not! Red Bull Nigeria has captured every thrilling moment of Roose’s high-altitude hijinks on their page. Join the digital crowd and experience the #perfectlagosselfie for yourself.

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