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FAME Foundation celebrates, empowers women with disabilities in para power-lifting 



Executive Director of FAME Foundation,  Aderonke Ogunleye-Bello, says disabled women are special and as such should be empowered for sustainability. 

In this interview with Arise Africa News at the PLAY IT, DREAM IT GAMES which was put together in collaboration with the French Embassy in Nigeria, she shares plans that the Foundation has in store for women in Para Power-lifting in Nigeria as they celebrate the International Day for Disabled Persons held on December 3rd…


What is the International Day for Disabled Persons about?

The event is held to celebrate the inclusion of persons with disabilities. We know December 3rd is celebrated as the day for people with disabilities to be empowered, even though every day is a day for persons with disabilities, December 3rd is a unique day of all the days in the year when persons with disabilities are celebrated, empowered and mentored. So today we are at the PLAY IT, DREAM IT games for power inclusion to celebrate the athletes that are doing exceptionally in para-sports. It is now known that para lifters from Nigeria is the best in the world. There is no doubt about that as we have statistics to prove this point. That is why we are here today to celebrate the women who have made us so proud of the game that brought joy to many Nigerians and women in general, showcasing how women with disabilities can also make the country proud. That is why we are here today. With athletes that are doing well for us locally and internationally. We have also had empowerment programs in batches. This event started on December 2nd which was day one, and December 3rd is day two, the grand finale. 

What would be the benefits for the athletes for these games?

At PLAY IT, DREAM IT PARA INCLUSION POWER-LIFTING GAMES we don’t just give out money for the act of para lifting, what we do here is to give them the skills and knowledge they are usually unable to access, we get speakers to enable us to speak to them about life skills and teach them the basics. We also have slatted for next year a series of programs that will enable us to work further with them and empower them in ways that will sustain them. 

So about their compensation there won’t  be any here today as that is not the key or purpose of this event. It is not to give them money that would be finished in 24 hours, but instead, we will give them life skills and will keep doing it even next year. We hope it will enable women with disabilities to sustain themselves even after sports. 

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