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Human rights group asks for ban on EFCC Chair’s visa



AbdulRasheed Bawa

People have continued to call for  the Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr Abdulrasheed Bawa, to vacate the seat.  

 On  Sunday, February 26th,a coalition of pro-democracy and human rights groups in Nigeria said it can no longer sit back and allow law breakers to disguise themselves as law enforcement agents.

Spokesperson of the coalition, Comrade Ibrahim Bakori, in a statement called on the international community to place an immediate visa restriction on Mr Bawa. 

Bakori said Bawa’s repeated disobedience to court orders should no longer be tolerated, insisting that Nigeria is a country governed by laws and not emotions.

“We urge the international community to place visa restriction against Bawa and members of his cycle for the dwindling rating of the outfit by global bodies as being deeply mired in violation of human rights, selective anti-corruption campaign, high-handedness and disobedience to court orders.

“Bawa’s EFCC is at the moment occupying a damnable position in the chart of government agencies violating court orders in the African continent.

“It evokes questions why it is the same Bawa of EFCC associated with crude tactics of fighting corruption, selective prosecution and in certain instances persecution of suspects, that is the person refusing to obey the laws of our land, undermining himself and exhibiting gross disobedience to the orders of Nigerian courts. 

“It is high time the Presidency saw the dangers posed to the laws of our country when unelected government appointees are acting with above-the-law swagger. Particularly if the daylight contempt of court hanging around his neck becomes a feature among government officials!

“The fundamental question is how can government officials disobey court orders in a cynical and very contemptuous manner, and yet expect ordinary Nigerians to respect their glaring acts of impunity, high-handedness and biased handling of corruption cases? This is the time to drive sanity into the service psyche of Bawa and other law breakers.

“Let us state that since the incorporation of Nigeria as a country, not even EFCC a product of National Assembly law, the most endemic threat to her growth and stability has been disobedience to court orders by minions using the cover of their good offices for the entrenchment of contempt in flagrant disregard and disrespect to our courts.

“This obnoxious culture of disobedience to court orders idealised by the Bawas of this world, had permeated almost all facets of our national lives spreading like wildfire from the Presidency to the Emefiele’s CBN. 

“Several international institutions have genuinely and consistently expressed reservations that Bawa’s selective fight and continued disobedience to court orders in our country must be rebuked. If not, the consequences may translate to similar disobedience to the activities of the EFCC as an anti-graft agency on the part of the Nigerian people as a replica to the lawlessness of the Commission.

“Should it therefore not be thrilling news and a great public relief if visa restriction is placed on Bawa and members of his cycle? 

“With glaring evidence against Bawa’s contemptuous behaviour, we implore the members of diplomatic missions in Nigeria to have the courage to do the needful,” he added.

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