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Israel air strikes hit Hamas-linked campus in Gaza; says university officials 



Palestinian men walk through debris along a street in the aftermath of Israeli bombardment in al-Karama district in Gaza City on October 11, 2023. – At least 30 people have been killed and hundreds wounded as Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with hundreds of air strikes overnight, a Hamas government official said on October 11. Israel declared war on Hamas on October 8 following a shock land, air and sea assault by the Gaza-based Islamists. (Photo by MOHAMMED ABED / AFP)


Israeli fighter jets struck the Islamic University in Gaza City on Wednesday, an AFP correspondent and an official with the Hamas-linked institution said.

“The intense air strikes completely destroyed some buildings of the Islamic University,” Ahmed Orabi of the university management told AFP.

“No one can enter it due to the fires, and the rocks and rubble scattered on the roads surrounding the university,” he said. 

Thick clouds of dust billowed into the sky as the buildings collapsed, the AFP correspondent reported.

Israel has launched a massive air campaign against Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas since the group’s fighters mounted a shock cross-border assault on Saturday and went on a deadly rampage through Israeli communities near the border.

The fighting has left at least 1,200 dead in Israel and more than 900 in Gaza.

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