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Lagos National Stadium management restrict movement after cables get stolen



It has been reported that the National Stadium back has continued to be attacked by vandals for two weeks as they have continued to gain unhindered access to the facility’s cables.

A local website,, reported, on Monday, February 6th, that in less than two weeks, the thieves have stolen cables and batteries of the generator at the back of the Indoor Sports Hall of the stadium and also the batteries of the generator and cables serving the main bowl of the Stadium.

Following this series of unchecked vandalisation of the stadium’s property, the management of the  facility has been forced to start renting generators to power equipment at the Indoor sports hall.

Reports were gathered that the incidents were not discovered until days after the robbery.

With a police station inside the stadium and the presence of a private security outfit employed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to secure the facility, observers say it is a mystery how these cables and generators were taken out of the stadium without detection of any kind. 

Reacting to the incident, Sports Ministry’s Lagos Liaison Officer, Nkana Mbora, said she is still taking inventory of the vandalised items and would not make any statement at the moment.

However, the stadium’s management has started restricting the movement of people in and out of the stadium.

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