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Lagos Oriental Hotel to host Outstanding Africans, for the Africa Illustrious Awards



All is set for the 2024 Africa Illustrious Award, going to be held on Friday, June 21, 2024, at the Lagos Oriental Hotel in Victoria Island of Lagos, Nigeria. The continental event which hopes to attract several leaders of industries, political leaders, tech innovators, inventors, youth leaders, community leaders, administrators, and other trailblazers in diverse works of life across Africa, is expected to kick start around 3 pm this Friday.

This edition is the 5th version of this continental award which was instituted to recognize and honour African excellence as a means of mainstreaming incremental contributions of Africans to the progress of the continent. It is a well-known pattern that in Africa, not much attention is paid to efforts toward building a functional African society. But maladministration and other lapses in African countries or societies are echoed with such intensity that often suggests a lack of progress. Therefore, the Africa Illustrious Award was inspired to showcase the other side of Africa not often dramatized by major foreign media groups.

For this edition, just like in the past editions, there will be recognition for distinguished Africans in tech invention and innovation. There will also be recognition for entrepreneurs who are changing the face of business and investment in Africa. Similarly, there are categories in community service, public administration, political governance, corporate governance, youth leadership, and among many other categories.

It is expected that the event will continue to highlight the need for a sustained culture of progress and prosperity through shared vision, hard work, and tenacity in big or small thing, across Africa.

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