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Mother cries for help as stranger ‘disappears’ with eight-month old baby



When Mrs Treasure Jackson went to the Badagry market on 26 October 2022, she had many things running through her mind as she crisscrossed the length and breadth of the busy market; seeking the best deals available.

Desperate for better fortunes to expand her struggling business in Benin City, Edo State, Mrs Jackson wriggled through the crowd with her then eight-month-old baby Purity strapped tightly to her back as she went from one stall to another.

She explained bringing Purity along to Lagos was a decision she took because the baby wasn’t physically ok at the time and couldn’t leave her behind for neighbours or any other caregiver.

Tired and fagged out after another hectic day at the busy Lagos market, getting back to Benin to catch some rest and also allowing the little Purity some time off were the new priorities for the mother of four.

Big Mistake

However, the events that transpired afterwards have been filled with regrets for Mrs Jackson as she narrated how a stranger not only disappeared with her goods but also with her then eight-month-old baby 

“I went to Badagry to buy rice and when I finished, I chartered a Keke Marwa (tricycle) for my load and my baby to Oko Afo” Mrs Jackson sobbed as she recollected the last set of events on what is now a black Wednesday for her.

“While we were on our way, I was having pains in my chest, so I told the Keke man to wait for me so I can get something like Gelusil from the nearest pharmacy, my daughter was taking custard from her feeding bottle so I left her in the keke to quickly get the medication because I was in severe pains.

The action by Mrs Jackson proved very costly, as the tricycle rider made away with her goods and most importantly her baby.

“I was shocked when I came back. I did not see the Keke man again. My baby and my goods had disappeared. Since then I have been running from one place to the other, even to prophets for prayer. Maybe I will still find my daughter”


While the situation looks hopeless, Mrs Jackson is very positive that with the help of God and fellow Nigerians, she would be reunited with her daughter one day.

“This incident has really taken a toll on me, that day when the thing happened, I was actually stranded with no money to even return to my base in Edo state. It was my friend Adekunle that came to my rescue with something for me to travel back ” She recollected.

While Mrs Jackson has been in and out of the hospital with High Blood related issues since this unfortunate incident happened, she is keeping hope alive to see Purity again.

“I just want to appeal to Nigerians everywhere. If they see my daughter anywhere, they should please get across to me on 0815 905 3312 or 08179402500 or even the police. We are hoping maybe the kekeman dropped her somewhere. We don’t care about the goods. What I am only begging Nigerians to help me find is my baby,” she concluded.

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