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African Games: Nigeria Mixed Martial Arts Federation proud of great feat In Ghana



Four Nigerian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters returned home to a hero’s welcome on Sunday, March 24th, after a successful showing at the 13th African Games in Accra, Ghana, where MMA was featured as a demonstration sport.

The Nigeria Mixed Martial Arts Federation (NMMAF) Board extends its congratulations to the official MMA Team Nigeria for their outstanding performance.

NMMAF is proud to present these four inspiring fighters who brought home a total of four medals: Blessing Onyeali – Gold Medal, Martins Aziba – Silver Medal, John Obeya – Bronze Medal and Freddy Destiny – Bronze Medal

The NMMAF extends its profound gratitude to the following individuals and groups for their unwavering support: The Minister of Sports Development, The President and Vice President of the NMMAF, Esteemed Members of the NMMAF Board, The Secretary-General, Devoted fans and aspiring MMA talents nationwide

Since gaining recognition over a year ago, the NMMAF has been laying a strong foundation for the sport in Nigeria. These include:

  • Developing solid development plans on national and continental levels
  • Identifying partners and sponsors
  • Working collaboratively with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) and the Ministry of Sports Development
  • Elevating MMA to the highest levels, both amateur and professional

These efforts aim to provide life-changing opportunities for Nigerian MMA athletes and officials

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