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NNOM 2022:32 nominated candidates disqualified by FG

Prof. Aku discloses that 32 nominated persons have been disqualified



The 2022 edition of the Nigerian National Order of Merit(NNOM) has declared that there will be no winner as the organisers have said that the 32 candidates nominated for the award did not qualify.

The chairman, Nigerian National Merit Award(NNMA) Governing Board, Prof. Shakarau Yakubu Aku,disclosed this at a press briefing in Abuja on November 28th,where he explained that the 32 nominations/applications for the award were received by the NNMA.

According to him, four candidates are in the field of Science, nine in Medicine, five in Engineering Technology and 14  were in the Humanities.

“This year,a total of 32 nominations/applications for the NNOM Award were received by the NNMA, 4 in the field of Science, 9 in Medicine, 5 in Engineering Technology and 14 in the Humanities. 

“The nominations went through standard assessment process, however after going through the rigorous process of assessment exercise, none was adjourned to have merited the Nigerian National Order of Merit, NNOM Award for this year 2022.  So in this year’s exercise no winner emerged,”he said.

Recall that the Nigerian National Merit Award,NNMA, was established by ACT No. 53 of the 1979 and was amended by Act No. 96 of the 1992 now LFN 122 of 2004.

The Award is named Nigerian National Order of Merit(NNOM) is a separate Order of Dignity in the Highest Honors category in the fields of Science, Medicine,Engineering/Technology,and Humanities including  Arts and Culture.

The NNMA as an Agency is charged with selecting all intellectuals and creatives who have  contributed in all areas of human endeavour, and rewarding unique contributions by the award of the NNOM.

“Each year, the NNMA advertises for nominations of candidates for theNNOM Award in the four fields of Engineering/Technology, Medicine, Humanities including Arts and Culture, and Sciences.

“The nominations go to specialised Committees which may use external assessors, when the need arises, before their recommendations are considered by a committee of Chairmen and then the Governing Board and Mr. President gives his approval,” Prof. Aku explained.

Aku, who also explained that another activity of the NNMA is the hosting of the Annual Forum of Laureates of the NNOM, said:”Annually, the Governing Board of the NNMA organize the Annual Forum of Laureates of the Nigerian National Order of Merit, NNOM.”

He said:  “The Forum is organized to deliberate on salient issues of national interest, thereby affording the body of Laureates an opportunity to channel views in policy making thereby contributing to national discourse.

“It is also to promote networking opportunities between the Government, industries and the private sector; to enable other Nigerian intellectuals, Academia and Research Organizations both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora to share ideas and to summarise the ideas generated in each Forum in its Communiqué and Proceedings and help foster national development.

“This year’s Forum, the 13th Forum is scheduled to be held from Tuesday 6th- Wednesday 7th December, 2022, from 9:00 am-5:00 pm daily at the Merit House Complex, Maitama, Abuja.

“The Forum is expected to be declared open by the President,Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. 

The theme for the 13th Forum is “Building Nigeria Through National Integration.”

“The Keynote  Speaker on this occasion of the 13th Forum will be Professor Babagana Zulum, the Executive Governor of Borno State. 

”Followed by presentations of Papers which will be delivered by distinguished Nigerian scholars, government functionaries and Professionals on various aspects of the theme. The sub themes are as follows: Dimensions for National, Health Insurance, Patriotism and Nation Building and Knowledge System forEconomy Development,”he concluded. 

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