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Oritsefemi’s wife leaves him over cheating allegations 

Nabila Fash leaves husband ,OritseFemi,accuses the entertainer of cheating on her severally



The wife of Nigerian singer Oritsefemi,Nabila Fash, has let out the fact that their marriage has ended.

Nabila revealed this information at an interview with Daddy Freeze on Thursday, October 27th, where she accused Oritsefemi of incessant cheating right from the beginning of their marriage. 

The couple’s marriage which began in 2017 had been filled with allegations of cheating recently, though the singer had refuted the claims in the past.

The PR guru revealed they were currently going through divorce proceedings after she discovered that the singer had welcomed a child with another woman while they were still married.

According to her, OritseFemi already had two daughters from two different women before they met, and she took those girls in as her own daughters.

She said the singer had gotten another lady pregnant while they were dating, and while they got married, he welcomed another daughter with the same woman.

Nabila added she has had to deal with his constant cheating during the years of their marriage as several women reached out to her to inform her of his cheating habits.

She said that Oritsefemi was expecting a son with the fourth woman and that was the last straw that informed her decision to end the marriage. Despite the fact that he had asked the public to help him plead with his wife, she made it known that she had to move out of their home because he was physically abusive towards her as well.

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