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Pere chides BBN housemates for being controlled by fans   



Pere Egbi, a former Big Brother Naija(BBN) reality contestant, has criticized his fellow housemates for being influenced by their fans and social media. 

He accused some of the BBNaija stars of running along with their fans’ analysis to form a conclusion without further inward analysis.

In a post on his official X page on Wednesday, Pere described some of his colleagues as gullible housemates. He wrote: “And to some of my colleagues, Some of you are so gullible. It’s pathetically unbelievable. You let your fans pilot you with their stupid analysis and like a weightless kite, they direct you towards hate for a fellow housemate.”

He continued: “You allow social media to affect how you relate with others and dictate how you live your lives. It’s something called balls that some of you need to grow and it’s something called standing for something you believe in that some of you need to learn to do.”

Some people have argued that BBNaija housemates should be able to form and construct their own opinions without being influenced by their fans while others have contended that it is impossible for BBNaija housemates to completely ignore their fans, as they are the ones who kept them in the game.

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