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Ramadan Grain Initiative: Helping Vulnerable Families in Katsina



The Katsina Government, along with local governments, is spending over N10 billion to provide discounted grains during Ramadan to help people struggling with high food prices.

Governor Dikko Radda announced this plan, which aims to feed about 72,200 people daily and assist around 2.1 million residents during Ramadan. The initiative involves lowering the price of maize, millet, and guinea corn to N20,000 per bag.

Each buyer can purchase up to ten measures of grains. Additionally, about 400,000 households will receive subsidized food, and 33,000 elderly and vulnerable families will get free food items and cash donations. Governor Radda stressed the need for transparency in the distribution process, with local committees overseeing sales and ensuring accountability.

Khalil Bai leads the committee, consisting of representatives from different councils and organizations, tasked with coordinating the distribution across the state.

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