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Stop attacking supporters of BAT-Yoruba Ronu

Yoruba Ronu declares for support for APC candidate,Bola Ahmed Tinubu, while cautioning Obidient supporters



Precious Yusuf

A social-political group, Yoruba Ronu, on Thursday,October 5th, cautioned supporters of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, popularly known as Obidients, against violence and use of hate speech while promoting their candidate.

Chief Diran Iyantan, Chairman of Yoruba Ronu Group, gave the advice in an interview with newsmen in Akure.

Iyantan said the advice was pertinent, due to the way Peter Obi’s supporters were going about fiercely forcing their candidate on the people of the South-West.

“As a socio-political group fighting the cause of the Yoruba people worldwide, we can no longer condone the unwholesome attack on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu by Obi’s supporters in Lagos, other major cities in South-West and online.

The way they’re going about this election is like Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is the only candidate they’re contesting against and will do anything to demean his integrity in this election,”Iyantan decried their approach towards the campaign leading to the election. 

He further cautioned the Obi supporters to also be careful about engaging in hate speech. He said this could incite people to destroy public properties which were not needed. 

“Obi’s supporters do not have any need to abuse anyone, spread hate speeches or even incite people against others.

Obidient supporters continue to demean the achievements of Tinubu in Lagos as if it’s not the same success stories of Tinubu as the former Governor of Lagos State that secured Lagos and helped propel their businesses that made them see Lagos as their homes,” he said.

Iyantan concluded that Tinubu was ready to give his all to the election and that the group would support him through the elections. 

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