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Another Top Kenyan Marathoner Titus Ekiru Banned for Ten Years Following Collusion Scandal



Titus Ekiru

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has imposed a ten-year ban on renowned marathoner Titus Ekiru, exposing a disturbing case of collusion with a high-ranking doctor at a Kenyan hospital.

The ban comes after a comprehensive investigation that unraveled tampering and misleading tactics employed by the 31-year-old athlete to obstruct the AIU’s probe into two Adverse Analytical Findings (AAFs).

Ekiru faced two positive tests for prohibited substances in his in-competition urine samples during the 2021 Generali Milano Marathon and the Abu Dhabi Marathon.

The substances identified were triamcinolone acetonide and pethidine, along with its marker norpethidine.

The ban, effective from June 28, 2022, to June 27, 2032, not only sidelines Ekiru but also results in the disqualification of all his achievements since May 16, 2021, stripping him of prizes and money.

Initially charged in July 2023, Ekiru, who contested the charges, eventually abandoned his defense in the face of substantial evidence.

AIU Chair David Howman disclosed the details of the case, citing a collaboration with the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK).

The investigation revealed Ekiru’s collusion with a senior doctor in Nandi County, who administered prohibited substances during undocumented hospital visits.

The AIU, with ADAK’s assistance, uncovered inconsistencies in Ekiru’s explanations and supporting documentation.

The Nandi County Director of Medical Services played a pivotal role, providing damning evidence that exposed the forgery of medical documents submitted by Ekiru to explain his AAFs.

AIU Chair David Howman commended the collaboration between AIU and ADAK, emphasizing the importance of cooperation from Nandi County’s most senior medical official. Howman stated, “For athletes involved in doping and the entourage who assist them, there is one strong message from this case – there is nowhere to hide.”

The AIU has requested ADAK to refer the senior doctor’s conduct to Kenyan criminal authorities for further investigation, signaling a broader effort to uncover doping networks in Kenyan athletics.

The case not only serves as a stern warning to athletes but also highlights the commitment to maintaining integrity and transparency in the fight against doping in sports.

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