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Lagos Launches First-Ever BMX Park in West Africa



BMX Park
Honorable commissioner for the ministry of environment and water resources of Lagos State Mr Tokunbo Wahab, flanked by GM of LASPARK Mrs Adetoun Popoola and Red Bull Athlete Courage Adams, officially open up the park with the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Lagos, Nigeria, is now home to the first BMX park in West Africa, marking a significant milestone for the region’s urban sports enthusiasts.

The BMX park, a vibrant hub for freestyle BMX activities, was officially inaugurated by the Honorable Commissioner for the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources in Lagos, Tokunbo Wahab.

This groundbreaking initiative provides a dynamic platform for the youth of Lagos to pursue their passion for BMX and carve a path to stardom.

The ceremonial opening of the facility underlines the commitment of Lagos State to fostering the growth of urban sports and empowering its vibrant youth community.

The visionary behind this project, Courage Adams, a Red Bull athlete based in Spain and born in Nigeria, envisioned a space where the BMX community could thrive and develop their skills.

His aspiration ignited during a visit to the country, has now become a reality through collaboration with the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK) and Red Bull.

The BMX park is not only a world-class facility for enthusiasts to practice and showcase their talents but also a community space where individuals can connect, push their limits, and engage in the shared love for BMX.

Open to all, the park aims to be a catalyst for the growth of young BMX athletes, offering them a platform to learn, improve, and potentially emerge as future athletes.

The collaboration between Courage Adams, Red Bull, and LASPARK is a testament to the transformative power of collective efforts in realizing dreams.

With BMX now an Olympic sport, the establishment of this park holds the potential to nurture local talent that may one day represent Nigeria on the international stage, including the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics.

Courage Adams expressed his excitement about the project, foreseeing a future where Nigerian BMX athletes can compete globally, travel, and live the dream.

He acknowledged the inherent talent and positive energy within the local BMX community, emphasizing the profound impact the park could have on their lives.

“For the future, it would  bring a lot of opportunities to the country, to have professional athletes come from the country, it would be a dream come true to see the guys competing at the Olympics, travelling around, living the life, living the dream. 

“From my Encouraged trip two years  ago, I saw the talent these guys had developed without having anything and that was  powerful, they are strong, brave, and full of positive energy.” Courage Adams noted

The launch of the first BMX park in West Africa stands as a historic moment for Lagos, Nigeria, and the entire West African region.

This initiative not only provides a space for urban sports enthusiasts but also symbolizes a commitment to nurturing talent, fostering community, and potentially creating a pathway to international sporting success for Nigerian BMX athletes.