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Atiku promises no blood will be spilled for his political ambition 



The Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has said the blood of Nigerians should not be spilled for any political ambition. 

He said no political ambition was worth the blood of any Nigerian while speaking  with stakeholders of the Rivers State chapter of the party, on Sunday, February 19th, in Abuja. 

He made this statement after it became  expedient for the PDP to suspend its campaign rally in the state due to violence that disrupted.

Atiku used the meeting as a platform to promise the Rivers stakeholders that if elected, his recovery plan for the country at large and the state will include women and youths of the state.

He also promised to complete the rail project from Port-Harcourt to Maiduguri and the deep seaport in Bonny, if elected.

He said: “I want to start by acknowledging the circumstances and turn of events that have led us to this unique style of a campaign rally.

“Although we did not wish for this, it became expedient that we think and act innovatively to protect the lives of our people from the mindless violence and bloodshed instigated by the very people, who have the primary responsibility for their security and wellbeing.

“Our campaign and indeed the PDP subscribe fully to the position that no political ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian. Rivers State and Rivers people are bound by destiny to be critical stakeholders and beneficiaries of the Atiku/Okowa presidency in multiple ways.

“The uncompleted rail line from Onne Port to join the Port Harcourt–Maiduguri rail line, which has been on the drawing board for decades, will be completed speedily, while the deep seaport in Bonny will receive immediate attention.

“Our recovery agenda for Nigeria has a front-row seat for Rivers women, who are brilliant, talented and hardworking. The women of Rivers State will benefit from our special entrepreneurial funding targeted at women in addition to being considered for appointments to various offices

“I, therefore, urge you to keep the faith, even in the face of harassment and needless violent intimidation, turn out massively on February 25 and cast your votes as usual for PDP. I assure you that your sacrifice and support will be fully rewarded.”

Meanwhile, in response to Atiku’s promises, the PDP presidential campaign council in Rivers said the party’s standard-bearer will win the poll in the state.

Lee Maeba, chairman of the Rivers PDP presidential campaign council, made this known  at a town hall meeting with Atiku in Abuja.

The town hall meeting in Abuja followed the cancellation of the party’s presidential campaign rally in the state due to alleged attacks on council members.

Maeba said Abubakar would win the poll in Rivers despite the “antics” of Nyesom Wike, governor of the state.

Maeba said: “The toxic atmosphere created by the actions and utterances of the governor of Rivers State, Wike, resulted in the decision of our leaders to put the Port Harcourt rally on the shelf to avoid the loss of human lives.

“We want to assure you, Mr president-in-waiting, that the people of Rivers State support you and will overwhelmingly cast their votes for you because you have been a benefactor of the state. One port is what it has become for our people because of your foresight.”

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