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Cross-dresser Bobrisky Appeals Conviction and Sentence for Financial Misconduct



Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky, who was recently convicted of financial misconduct by a Lagos Federal High Court, has filed an appeal against his conviction and sentence.

Bobrisky, through his lawyer Deji Adeyanju, is seeking to overturn the six-month jail term handed down by the lower court. The appeal argues that the judge erred in imposing the maximum sentence without considering the option of a fine, as stipulated by law.

Appeal Challenges Sentence

The crux of the appeal hinges on Section 416(2) d of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act of 2015 (ADCJA).

This section outlines mandatory sentencing guidelines for first-time offenders like Bobrisky. The appeal contends that the trial judge failed to adhere to these guidelines by imposing the harshest possible sentence.

Request for Leniency

Bobrisky’s appeal proposes a more lenient sentence – a fine of N50,000 for each count of the charges against him – instead of the jail term.

The outcome of this appeal remains to be seen. It will be interesting to observe how the appellate court weighs the arguments presented and whether Bobrisky’s conviction and sentence are upheld.

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