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Nigerian Army Dismisses Two Soldiers for Theft at Dangote Refinery



The Nigerian Army (NA) has dismissed two soldiers, Corporal Innocent Joseph and Lance Corporal Jacob Gani, for allegedly stealing armoured cables from the Dangote Refinery on April 14, 2024.

Investigation and Charges

Following a joint investigation with Dangote Refinery management, the soldiers were found to have abandoned their duty post and been in unauthorized possession of the materials. They were charged with:

Failure to Perform Military Duties ( punishable under Section 57(1) of the Armed Forces Act)
Other Civil Offences (punishable under Section 114(1) of the Armed Forces Act)
Trial and Dismissal

The soldiers faced a summary trial, where evidence against them was presented. They were given the chance to defend themselves but were ultimately found guilty under military law.

Zero Tolerance for Misconduct

The dismissal serves as a clear message of the NA’s zero tolerance for criminal activity and misconduct within its ranks. The soldiers have been handed over to the relevant authorities for further prosecution.

The NA emphasizes its commitment to upholding integrity, discipline, and accountability at all levels. They remain dedicated to serving the nation with honor and dignity.

The NA urges the public to continue supporting their efforts in safeguarding national security and promoting peace and stability across Nigeria.

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