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How Governor Akeredolu Died in Germany




A pall of grief descended upon Ondo State today as news broke of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s passing.

At around 2:00 a.m., he succumbed to a battle against leukaemia and prostate cancer, ailments that had kept him from his full capacity for months.

The news, confirmed by a senior government official, reverberated through the state, leaving a mixture of shock and profound sadness.

Governor Akeredolu, a man known for his unwavering dedication and passionate leadership, is no more.

Beginning of the end

His journey with illness began in June when he embarked on a medical leave for an undisclosed ailment.

Upon returning in September, whispers of his ongoing treatment in Ibadan, Oyo State, became a persistent murmur.

While he intended to govern remotely, the situation fueled public discontent and accusations of clinging to power despite evident ill health.

In December, he embarked on a second medical leave, this time formally transferring power to Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa in an acting capacity.

This step, however, did not resolve the political turmoil that had begun to engulf the state.

A power struggle between the deputy and Governor Akeredolu unfolded, culminating in the state assembly attempting to impeach Mr. Aiyedatiwa.

Legal battles ensued, plunging Ondo into a state of uncertainty.

The chaos finally subsided when President Bola Tinubu intervened, calling for a temporary truce with specific conditions.

These included preventing the official designation of Mr. Aiyedatiwa as acting governor and requiring the deputy to submit an undated resignation letter to the President, ensuring stability while Mr. Akeredolu recuperated.

However, fate had a different plan. Governor Akeredolu’s passing today removes a beloved leader and opens a new chapter for Ondo.

Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa will now be sworn in as the state’s substantive governor, tasked with navigating the complexities of this unexpected transition and carrying the torch of leadership with the same dedication that characterized Governor Akeredolu’s tenure.

As Ondo mourns its leader and grapples with its grief, one thing is certain: the legacy of Rotimi Akeredolu, a man who fought valiantly against personal battles while serving his people, will forever be etched in the heart of the state.

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