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Ikare Day Gets Big Boost As Adetunji Abdul Makes Cash Donation



Adetunji Abdul-Ikare Day

As part of his efforts to ensure the successful celebration of this year’s Ikare Day, a philanthropist, Adetunji Mohammed Abdul (ATM), through his foundation has presented an undisclosed amount to support the annual event.

Adetunji Abdul while presenting the developmental cheque to His Royal Highness, the Olukare of Ikareland, Oba Akadiri Momoh IV (Odio, Ekun Oke), appreciated the monarch as well as the people of Ikare land for the opportunity to serve as the Chairman of the annual Ikare Day.

He said: “Serving Ikare and Ondo as a whole is a project that should be dear to all the good sons and daughters of our land. It is with great humility and deep respect to His Royal Highness, the Olukare of Ikareland, Oba, Akadiri Momoh IV, to all the Quarter Chiefs, the Oba-In-Council, all the High Chiefs, all the chiefs, the spiritual leaders, and others indigenes on this noble occasion.”

While thanking, Adetunji Abdul said Ikare town has been destined to be a great town in all sectors of human development.

“The centrality and primacy of Ikare town to the developmental agenda of Akoko land and the whole of Ondo State is not a topic of debate and discussion. It is divinely ordained and profoundly indisputable. For this reason, the need for enduring, subsisting, permanent, and alluring peace cannot be over-emphasized,” he said.

He added that all sons and daughters of Ikare must embrace it, imbibe it, indoctrinate it and dwell therein for Ikare of their dream to be achieved “to regain our ordained place and position of pride and importance in Ondo State in particular and Nigeria in general.”

Adetunji Abdul stressed that with unity and peaceful coexistence, the people can achieve more representation in the National Assembly.
“The signs are here. For the first time in our nascent democracy, we have a Senator in the National Assembly and if we work together as one, we may be proud of another great son in the House of Representatives. Our destiny is in our hands. In unity and peaceful coexistence, we can achieve more. “
He charged the people to bring back the pomp and pageantry that the Ikare Day Celebration was known for at the inception of the programme, saying “It must be from one landmark achievement to the other. It must be celebrated in greater magnitude than Ekimogun Day, Ojude Oba, Irele Day and all other cultural celebrations the world over.

“I congratulate the leadership and members of the Ikare Day Committee. They have restored confidence and instilled hope in the minds of the people who matter in Ikare land. This is a great contribution to achieving the Ikare of our dream.

“To this end, I earnestly appeal and suggest that funds being presented to you today on behalf of Adetunji Abdul Foundation and funds generated during Ikare Day celebration should be
channeled completely to the designated projects that will impact the lives of the people. Ikare Central Hall should be primary and its completion germane and paramount in the scheme of things.

The Ikare Day Committee has a great assignment and calling in this regard and I am not in doubt about their resolve and determination to achieve this.
“What more can I say. I love Ikare with all my heart and my entire being. My late dad instilled this in all of us by his show of love for Ikare. Till he died, even after death, the Ikare dream was and still is his project. I have personally begun the project of bringing back the men and women of timbre and caliber in Ikare home and abroad to this Ikare dream.

“My friends and associates, who are not even from Ikare will be infected with this goodly virus. I appeal to everyone who believes in this Ikare dream to join in this regard,” Adetunji Abdul appealed.

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