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Blogger, Tasha K, declares bankruptcy after jury awards $4 million damages to Cardi B 



Blogger, Tasha K, who is also known as Latasha Transrina Kebe, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following a lawsuit filed against her by entertainer Cardi B. 

Tasha K is being ordered by a judge to pay nearly $4 million in defamation damages to Cardi B, as reported by The Neighborhood Talk.

Grammy-winning rapper,Cardi B, had filed a lawsuit against Tasha K in 2019, alleging that the blogger engaged in a deliberate smear campaign by making false statements about her. These false statements included accusations of herpes, using a beer bottle as a sex toy during her time as an exotic dancer, involvement in prostitution, and cocaine abuse.

In January of last year, a jury ruled in Cardi B’s favour, awarding her over $2.5 million in damages and an additional $1.3 million in legal fees. Tasha K’s recent bankruptcy filing revealed that she only had $95 in her Chase Bank account. Her personal property, including purses, cars, clothes, an engagement ring, and business-related assets, amounted to $58,595.56. However, she is currently not facing eviction from her home.

Tasha K attempted to appeal the decision, but her appeal was denied by a judge in March. Cardi B admitted that the case had taken a toll on her mental health, causing her to feel suicidal and impacting her relationship with her husband. She described the actions of the defendant as those of an “evil person.”

According to reports, Tasha K admitted to knowingly publishing falsehoods about Cardi B because it benefited her YouTube platform’s business interests. The court noted that Tasha K failed to provide sufficient evidence to support her request for a new trial.

Cardi B’s attorneys, Lisa Moore and Andrew Pequignot expressed their satisfaction with the court’s decision, stating that they believed the jury’s verdict was strongly supported by the evidence presented during the case.

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