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‘Dollars might sell for N1000 in January’- CAN President says 



Daniel Okoh, CAN President

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN),Most Reverend Daniel Okoh, has said the new cash withdrawal limit of the Central Bank of Nigeria will have more impact on politicians than any other Nigerian. 

While speaking at the thanksgiving service of the new president of the Organisation of African Instituted Churches(OAIC), Nigeria Region, Okoh who was represented by the immediate president of OAIC, Napo Emuchay, said the policy was mainly targeted at politicians who had hoarded cash for election purposes over the years.

He said, “It will affect politicians more because in order to evade taxation or avoid recovery, they keep loads of millions of naira in their accounts. They want to catch up with them.

“One thing that is likely to happen now, the price of dollars will shoot up because politicians are gearing up. All the money they have packed, they cannot take to the bank. They are planning to buy dollars so that they can change them when the new currency is out.”

He even predicted that a dollar might be sold for as high as N1,000 in January,2023, on the back of forex mop up made by politicians.

According tothe CAN president, if the cash withdrawal limit were for the betterment of the country, then the  church would back it up all the way. 

Meanwhile, President of the OAIC, Nigeria Region, Israel Akinadewo, called on Nigerians to vote for leaders with pedigree of success as that was what they country needed at this time, someone who could detribalised Nigeria. 

He also pointed out that godly leaders who can defend the country and unite the nation was more important in picking the next leader of the country.

“ATM does not request for our tribe and faith before dispensing; rain has no preference for either of these too, and in as much as there is no special financial technology on the premise of tribes and region, then, our selfish needs should never undermine our collective growth,” he stated.

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