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Anita Brown clears air on ‘shameful’ tweets



US-based businesswoman, Anita Brown, has addressed the unfounded allegations labeling her as a porn star after she called out Davido for impregnating her.

In a show of resilience on social media, through a series of heartfelt tweets, the American woman refuted the claims and clarified that the circulated videos were moments shared with her ex-boyfriend.

With a deep-rooted faith in her heart, Anita expressed that it is unjust for people to shame others for their past experiences.

“Let the one without sin cast the first stone. People are allowed to grow. People are allowed to change,” she wrote.

Embracing both her past and her journey of personal growth, she continued, “I love who I was, and I also love who I’m becoming and where I currently stand. The trials I’ve faced and the paths I’ve walked have granted me great authority and powerful testimony. I carry no shame about my past. I am a beacon of light.”

Anita emphasized that true believers should not engage in shaming others for their previous actions, as the essence of Christianity and the New Testament lies in redemption, salvation, and faith. She firmly believed in transforming pain into purpose.

“Lives change. Even my child’s father acknowledges it. This is what life is about—elevation. It wouldn’t hold as much power if I remained the same throughout my entire existence,” she shared.

To address the misconception, she provided an example, stating, “For those who claim celebrities do not engage with porn stars, let me remind you that Drake’s baby mother is a porn star, and they have a great relationship. He loves his son. (This is unrelated to me; it’s merely an example). So, please, hush.”

Anita urged everyone to refrain from associating her name with the term “porn star,” firmly stating its falsehood. She clarified that any videos featuring her were likely from her past relationship years ago and encouraged others to move on from it.

“There is nothing that can be said that I cannot embrace and accept. I do not owe anyone an explanation because they are not God,” she asserted, affirming her unyielding self-worth and the power of her narrative.

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