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Ruger clarifies he only dances with ladies above 21 on stage 



Nigerian Afrobeats singer, Michael Adebayo Olayinka,  known popularly as Ruger has disclosed that he only dances on stage with ladies that are over 21 years old.

He made this known after he was heavily criticized when he was seen on stage during his performance touching body parts of his female fans.

In an interview with the Zero Conditions Podcast, Ruger stated that his crew members must make sure they verify the ID cards of the women he brings up on stage before asking for permission to dance with them.

He declared: “I’m not the first to do it; lots of artists do it, maybe because it’s Ruger.

My team checks everyone’s ID to make sure they are over 21; if you are 18 or 19, you are not going on stage.”

He also said he works out, prays, and fasts, to prepare his spirit, body, and soul before going on tours.

Ruger added, “Before I kicked off my America tour, I used to go to Eko Atlantic and run like four times, get back into my car and go home. So, it helps my energy. I made sure I ate well and slept well. Prayer too. Fasting and prayer just to be prepared spiritually.

“I’m a Christian. I pray even before I go on stage to perform. It just works. We are allowed to party. It’s just like I’m partying. I’m not a bad person. The fact that I dance with girls on stage doesn’t mean I’m bad.”

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